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Applying UAV to dairy farm for disinfecting

Author:Livestock Research Institute, COA

To avoid the bovine ephemeral fever caused by mosquito bites, UAVs(unmanned aerial vehicle) are used in eave spraying and cowshed disinfection on dairy farms. The spraying has been tested effective around the cowshed, outdoor area, grassland and dry feces area. In addition, we modified an UAV to carry an incubator to fly over the winding roads in the mountains. We have tried to put milk sampling bottles and blood test samples into the incubator and let UAV carry the incubator to the Laboratory. The advantages of this application is that on-site staff can continue other works, and laboratory staff can obtain samples for analyzation in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the UAV can then continue to carry the vaccine back to the cowshed, so that the veterinarian can obtain the vaccine in a timely manner.