Current situation and challenges of agriculture in Taiwan

The agriculture industry is continuously facingthe pressure of climate change, aging rural population, labor shortage, and growing demand for food.

Mapping out the Future of Smart Agriculture

Better working environment for agricultural workers. More efficient agricultural production models. A new agricultural era of efficiency, safety and low risk.


In order to enhance the safety of ingredients used in school lunch, the government advocates for the use of domestic traceable agricultural products with open information of traceability for real time access through webpages. To achieve this goal, the Agricultural Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture has collected, on the SMART AGRI platform, 10 categories of traceability data (Three Labels and One QR Code; 3L1Q) to provide instant access for school lunch registration. With the visua
The "2021 International Conference on Smart Agriculture" held on Oct. 26th and 27th by the Council of Agriculture (COA) is in both the online and the in-person modes. Experts from the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Japan, and ROC (Taiwan) are invited to share their experience on the technologies of smart agriculture and their insights on the related future development. There is also the online exhibition area of COA smart agriculture projects since 2017. This is a major event to integrat
The Smart Agriculture Online Presentation Seminars is to be held on October 15 and 22 by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) of the Council of Agriculture (COA), and marks the official beginning of the two-week "2021 International Conference on Smart Agriculture." The themes of the Seminar are “Great Leap Forward in Cultivation Facilities to Save Labor'', “Digital Technologies Widely Applied in the Transformation of Fishery, Poultry and Livestock Industries'', “Pest Mediums Easily
The robotic milking system (hereinafter referred to as the milking robot) can each serve 60 to 70 lactating cows per day. It has the shape of a large household cabinet like a freezer, which can move around and easily installed. Lactating cows can produce milk in a healthy and stress-free condition. With the use of the milking robot, cows feel comfortable. The milking robot also has been tested and proved to meet the I-flow concept. Its innovative composite robotic arm and the nipple detection sy
In tropical and subtropical regions where the climate is usually hot and humid, poultry farms need to be insulated and damp-proof and most of them use open or semi-open facilities. In order to improve the efficiency of poultry production management, source traceability and control of infectious diseases, as well as to develop domestic colored broilers, the high-performance closed poultry houses suitable for high-humidity and warm-temperature environment are introduced with digital environmental
The ornamental aquarium is now the third largest pet market only next to those of dogs and cats, and has continued to grow steadily. Marine aquarium fishes are the popular species in the aquarium market with their beautiful postures and bright colors, and their special status in the ecosystem. Over fishing, however, has reduced their number in natural habitats and harmed the natural ecological balance so that artificial propagation is definitely the future trend considering the demand of the mar