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In tropical and subtropical regions where the climate is usually hot and humid, poultry farms need to be insulated and damp-proof and most of them use open or semi-open facilities. In order to improve the efficiency of poultry production management, source traceability and control of infectious diseases, as well as to develop domestic colored broilers, the high-performance closed poultry houses suitable for high-humidity and warm-temperature environment are introduced with digital environmental
The ornamental aquarium is now the third largest pet market only next to those of dogs and cats, and has continued to grow steadily. Marine aquarium fishes are the popular species in the aquarium market with their beautiful postures and bright colors, and their special status in the ecosystem. Over fishing, however, has reduced their number in natural habitats and harmed the natural ecological balance so that artificial propagation is definitely the future trend considering the demand of the mar
The continuous population growth and limited land on earth have made marine resources ever more important and the increasing keen competition has also involved political elements in fishery management to make things even more complicated. In terms of the issue of global fishery resources, the NGO Tuna Forum has advocated for strict regulatory actions on harvest strategies, fish aggregating devices (FADs), bycatch limits, harvest monitoring and control, etc. in order to solve the issue of sustain
Agricultural practitioners all hope for high yield and high quality of their crops. Measures of cultivation management are taken to improve the planting environment, fertilization, irrigation, and pest control. The agricultural practitioners get a better understanding of the cultivation environment and growth status through the analysis of collected data, which helps improve the management method. Automatic monitoring modes are set up with data analysis technologies for higher resource efficienc
Hung Chang Rice Miller was founded in 1967. It has gone through half a century and developed a line production system from rice planting, harvesting, milling to packaging. The ownership has passed down through three generations as a steadfast local business. In 2005, a specialized zone of rice production and marketing was set up to start contract production with local farmers as an effort to integrate production and marketing and to promote the brand name. In 2008, with the introduction of the s
The development of Taiwan’s agriculture is facing the impact of the environment, extreme climate, aging population, and declining birthrates. Since 106, the Council of Agriculture has officially promoted the smart agriculture program, focusing on “smart production” and “digital services” and drafted The ten leading industries are the priority areas for the promotion of smart agriculture. The film presents the origin, spirit, and results of my country’s investment in smart agriculture, and the de
Button mushroom industry used to be of great agricultural value in Taiwan. The amount of button mushroom cans for export in the 1960s and 70s was the highest in the world and brought in substantial foreign trade earnings. Button mushroom is still an important part of edible and medicinal mushrooms. However, labor shortage and unstable composting quality of the composts have been problems facing the industry in recent years and have restricted its development.
Founded in 2004, Xizhou Farm of Fu-Tien Vegetable Seedling Nursery at Changhua County mainly produces seedlings of cabbage and Chinese cabbage. Fu-Tien cultivates seedlings through many automated facilities, making it an ideal environment for the introduction of remote control systems. It also has long-term cooperation with administrative and academic institutes and is listed among the exemplary smart agricultural plants in the seedling category in the year 2017.
Phalaenopsis is an important floral product in Taiwan for export. An orchid garden is usually over 10,000 square meters in size, in which various types of watering devices are developed with the hope to save manpower. Most automatic watering devices used to be of the suspension type, which does not hinder the movement of operators working under the watering devices and is not restricted by the specifications of the benches. The disadvantage, however, is that the devices work on the fixed benches