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This research employed ray tracing to design a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp for saury fishing with an optimized light distribution that focus light into a fishing net beside a fishing vessel. In the simulation analysis, the average irradiance of LEDs without the designed lens was 0.83 times the incandescent lamps, whereas the average irradiance of the LEDs with the designed lens was 1.6 times the incandescent lamps. Considering the usage habits of saury fishing boats, the experiment)
This comprehensive report analyzes agricultural performance and productivity trends with data from 1961 to 2015.)
In this study, ‘TNG17’ pineapples were placed on walk-in growth chamber at 7.5℃ for 3 and 4 week, and put them back at room temperature for 5 day, respectively. We recorded the internal browning extent and physiological variables such as enzyme activity, sugar and ascorbic acid content at different time point. Results showed that variables with significant effect were polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase, sucrose, glucose and ascorbic acid, and the correspondent regression coefficients were 0.32, -0.1)
The robotic feed pusher is a smart forage-feeding intelligent with a power-saving device had been introduced to Taiwan by Livestock Research Institute in 2017. It has effectively replaces the manpower requirement of 3 to 4 hours per day and increases the eating times and intake of the cows.)
One of the core components of integrated pest management is monitoring. In this work, an automatic insect pest monitoring system is presented. The system can automatically record the number of insect pests trapped in sticky paper traps using a deep learning based image processing algorithm. Through the system, the temporal insect counts were analyzed to show the trend and pattern found from the insect counts that can be used by the farmers for decision-making. Furthermore, the analyzed data are)
The plant seedling industry is encouraged to introduce ICT technology and intellectualized control system for production facilities and systematic management in Taiwan. Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) counseled the needs of professional vegetable nurseries and constructed the intelligent vegetable seedling production and sale management network system to deal with nurseries’ order management, seed preparation, production scheduling, culture management, goods delivery, and)
With the intelligent continuous incubation system, the temperature, humidity and ventilation can be monitored at all times through sensors, and the incubation environment can be kept at the optimum level by adjusting the ventilation facility through the control system.)
With the advancement of information technology, Taiwan's aquaculture industry has shifted from a labor-intensive industry to a technology-intensive one and then to smart aquaculture.)
We hope to develop wearable aids with wide application and flexibility for farmers so that they can use less physical strength when harvesting and handling crops.)