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Intelligent Biosensing Platform

Author:Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, NTU/Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, NPUST

Sharing and integrating data has been a challenge in the agricultural industry. Heterogeneous data types from various field applications has made big data analysis more difficult. Intelligent biosensing platform aims to collect and record real-time data, provide further data analysis, and share field information to achieve a comprehensive integration of data on a single platform.

The platform has a four-layer structure design, arranging data form sensors, modules, fields, to farms. To increase the compatibility among sensors, uploaded data are in the format of JSON, and are transmitted by Restful and MQTT protocols. Presenting the platform on a website built with RWD and Javascript has made cross-device monitoring possible. By implementing machine learning algorithms on real-time integrated environmental data and images from the cloud database, value-added information after computation is accessible.