2020 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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The disinfecting robot for newborn calves contains a 45 liter water tank, and this water tank could be filled with disinfecting water. There are 2 sprinkler holes in the front of the robot, which can spray disinfecting water and soften the feces on the ground in front of the robot during driving. The use of disinfectant can reduce the number of bacteria in the barn and prevent calves from diarrhea due to environmental sanitation problems. In addition, a lifting rotating scraper is designed under
To avoid the bovine ephemeral fever caused by mosquito bites, UAVs(unmanned aerial vehicle) are used in eave spraying and cowshed disinfection on dairy farms. The spraying has been tested effective around the cowshed, outdoor area, grassland and dry feces area. In addition, we modified an UAV to carry an incubator to fly over the winding roads in the mountains. We have tried to put milk sampling bottles and blood test samples into the incubator and let UAV carry the incubator to the Laboratory.
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, Council of Agriculture/ Industrial Technology Research Institute 3D boar body size measuring system was developed to detect the body feature of breeding pigs, and the technique included three parts.
The monitoring of crop status majorly relies on field observation that is labor consuming. This study aims at using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), camera, and edge computing with microcomputer to fulfill real time information capturing. The crop status information e.g. leaf nitrogen concentration, growing stage were analyzed by figure analysis system at the same time the image capturing, transferring to user through picture transmission system on the UAV.
The tractor attached with two pairs of transplanting elements and seedling stand was designed as taro seedling transplanter. One person operates in a single pair of transplanting element for supplying the taro seedlings into the transplanter and then starts to break soil, trenching, clamping up seedling down to the trench, and covering soil twice followed by the ridge formation front and rear of the transplanter. There are 2,000 taro seedlings can be putted on the seedling stands, about 0.05 ha
This electric leafy vegetable harvester can be used to harvest short-term leaf vegetables in the greenhouse. The purpose of the development of this machine is to alleviate the industrial problems caused by the shortage of harvesting labor of leafy vegetable, and to improve the efficiency of leafy vegetable harvesting. This harvester uses electricity as the power source, which can avoid the problems of exhaust gas accumulation in the greenhouse by the engine-powered machinery and the adhesion of
The removal of onion of stems and leaves and roots requires the most labor in onion cultivation and management, and it is still manual operation. In order to solve the problems of manpower and market competitiveness caused by rising wages and aging manpower, this research first Investigate and analyze the physical properties of onions, including onion bulb diameter, onion bulb height, stem of leaf length, root length, and trimmed stems of leaves Reserved length. Based on this, a consistent opera
We using the plow and elastic weeding claw to Design two weeders Module and combined as “Hanging Type Weeder for Ridge Cultivation”. The principle of weeding is to plow the soil to loosen the base of the weeds, and then use the weeding claws to remove or turn them up with a dish plow. Two-stage treatment can increase the chance of removing weeds to improve the weed control rate. The machine completely covers the space of the ridge surface and can avoid plants to control damage rate under 5%.
Improved from previous self-propelled watering machine, the new Phalaenopsis full-automatic watering machine detects the position of each plant by the laser scanner (single dimension) beside motor on array-based one-way water discharge valve. Each detecting unit consists of 4 motors for controller which identifies pot position by height of laser reflection, and then algorithm system signals the motor to launch watering procedure. In addition, the Power wheels and moving wheel must be changed and