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Fertilization Recommendation System in Iceberg Lettuce Production.

Author:Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA

Due to the large number of individual contracted farmers on the demonstration farm and varying fertility rates of each field, it is difficult to uniformly apply the fertilization conditions. In addition, due to lack of experience with technology, some farmers are unable to properly select the types and amounts of fertilizers, resulting in a high rate of improper fertilization, which cause high differences in the yield and quality of harvests in each field. To overcome the aforementioned problems, the lettuce fertilization recommendation system is established by using field fertility and harvest records provided by the demonstration farm. The operation of this system requires the use of post-planting climate prediction data and farmland fertility data, and then it recommends suitable fertilizers and amounts through the farmland cultivation information system to farmers. This recommendation model has been successfully established and authorized for industrial applications after two years of verification.

Fertilization Recommendation System.Fertilization Recommendation System.