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Intelligent expert knowledge base for aquaculture

Author:Fisheries Research Institute,COA/ Industrial Technology Research Institute

To allow aquaculture operators to effectively access core knowledge about aquaculture, the intelligent expert knowledge base for aquaculture explores, collects, and summarizes the massive amount of aquaculture expert knowledge of our institute and the practical experiences of aquaculture experts, and then, transfers such knowledge and experience into digital knowledge centered on a knowledge map. In addition, the expert knowledge base leverages intelligent robot technology and integrates natural language processing (NLP) for word segmentation, analysis of associated technologies, and key guidance words. Moreover, users can easily access relevant information from the internet through a mobile device. When a user enters a question or a key word in the system, the system instantly provides a reference answer and other related questions, thus, the well-developed guidance design of this system will guide users to further explore topics, and provide extensive and intensive expert knowledge regarding aquaculture.