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Onion stem, leaf and root cutting machine

Author:Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA/Shye Chorng CO.,LTD

The removal of onion of stems and leaves and roots requires the most labor in onion cultivation and management, and it is still manual operation. In order to solve the problems of manpower and market competitiveness caused by rising wages and aging manpower, this research first Investigate and analyze the physical properties of onions, including onion bulb diameter, onion bulb height, stem of leaf length, root length, and trimmed stems of leaves Reserved length. Based on this, a consistent operation machine for cutting onion stems, leaves and roots that meets the needs of the industry is developed. It is composed of a stem and leaf turning mechanism developed by a symmetrical spiral rod, and a mechanism for cutting stems and leaves with two serrated cutter heads, and The electric motor is used as the power source of each mechanism.