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Electric leafy vegetable harvester

Author:Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA

This electric leafy vegetable harvester can be used to harvest short-term leaf vegetables in the greenhouse. The purpose of the development of this machine is to alleviate the industrial problems caused by the shortage of harvesting labor of leafy vegetable, and to improve the efficiency of leafy vegetable harvesting.
This harvester uses electricity as the power source, which can avoid the problems of exhaust gas accumulation in the greenhouse by the engine-powered machinery and the adhesion of oil and gas to the surface of the leafy vegetables. The walking part of this machine adopts crawlers to facilitate walking in the farm.
The mechanical harvesting process of this machine is to clamp the leafy vegetables, which to be harvested by mechanically first, then cutting the bottom end of the leafy vegetables stems with a reciprocating cutting knife. The leafy vegetables are transported to the collection tank by a specially designed soft plastic cloth harvesting transmission mechanism after leafy vegetable had been cut by the cutting knife.