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Attached Two-row Taro Seedling Transplanter

Author:Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA

The tractor attached with two pairs of transplanting elements and seedling stand was designed as taro seedling transplanter. One person operates in a single pair of transplanting element for supplying the taro seedlings into the transplanter and then starts to break soil, trenching, clamping up seedling down to the trench, and covering soil twice followed by the ridge formation front and rear of the transplanter. There are 2,000 taro seedlings can be putted on the seedling stands, about 0.05 ha of taro fields. The operating efficiency is 23.1% higher than that of labor planting, and avoid the pain caused by bend over while labor planting. In addition, the test results show that this machine does not reduce the quality and yield of taro in comparison with traditional labor planting. The promoted target is the larger-scale taro cultivation and agricultural machinery farming service providers.