2020 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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In order to improve the labor consumption, energy consumption, low yield and uneven quality of the traditional mushroom industry's compost production and fermentation methods, the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture has developed a multi-stage average temperature process intelligent firmware system that integrates gas supply and circulation systems. It has been combined with the indoor fermentation technology of mushroom compost through the use of proportional integral
Pig husbandry accounts for 46.1% of the domestic animal husbandry output value, and the output value is as high as NT$75.558 billion. Among all the development stages, piglets are relatively vulnerable and need more attention. This project proposes to automatically monitor piglet activities using embedded systems and deep learning. The embedded systems comprise Raspberry Pi, cameras, and microphones. The videos recorded by the embedded systems are used to train deep convolutional neural network
The voice collecting facility is a kind of omnidirectional voice collecting box installed in the cowshed for the cows ready to give birth. It could collect the special voiceprint of voice when the cows that suffer from dystocia situations. We collect these voiceprints for the purpose of developing an immediate warning mechanism and apply it to detect the dystocia situation of cows in the future. The voice collecting box could receive voice in 10 meters range in radius, and it was also made to co
We developed a smart management and monitoring system for raising native chickens and integrated it with the Internet of Things technology. The integrated system could record environmental factor changes and chicken age (counted using the number of days they have been raised) in detail, plot a poultry growth curve and calculate the feed efficiency, derive environmental control strategies for chickens of different ages to build a suitable growth environment, and provide real-time management infor
The intelligent management system of water and fertilizer were set up in Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, and Taichung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, respectively. These three stations were equipped with intelligent water level monitors, which could coordinate the real-time water level sensors and solenoid valve to adjust the consumption of irrigation water for three different rice varieties. In addition,
The wrong control strategy will be taken if tea farmers couldn’t identify tea pests and diseases by themself. By combining with the “Service System of Integrated Pest and Diseases Inspection” developed by the team of Intelligent Agriculture Mutual Information Platform from Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute(TARI) and the plant protection experts of Tea Research and Extension Station(TTES), the “Tea Pest and Disease Identification and Mutual Communication System” were established. The system d
Under intense and high humidity nursery environments, pests and diseases outbreak easily occur after emerging. This research aims to develop a monitoring and early warning system of major pests and diseases of tomatoes in nursery greenhouses. This is realized by performing automatic detection and recognition of insect pests and analyzing the relationship between the environmental condition and disease occurrence. Based on the real-time count information of insect pests and prediction of disease
We develop a monitoring and forewarning system to detect planthoppers in paddy fields by deep learning structure.the monitoring and forewarning system not only achieve a better affection over pest controlling by reasonable pesticide but also rapidly change the way we cultivated and substantially solved the man power issue. The users could upload the stem of the paddy’s images by android phone or web app to the cloud where this system deployed.the system would feedback the degree of these paddies
TARI (Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan) promotes "Smart Integrated Plant Disease and Pest Management Service" by connecting various resources from information platforms to create a fast and convenient mobile diagnosis mechanism using convenient communication tools as data reception and transmission. This system provides farmers crop diseases and pests consulting service. When the system receives consulting cases, it can online contact suitable plant