2020 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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To help Taiwanese agricultural enterprises have relevant data for decision-making at the global marketing stage, this project uses advanced technology to establish a website for collecting information of international BI in agriculture about export crop. Through training and counseling, this project assists agricultural enterprises to establish business analysis
Common Information Platform establishes a greenhouse master digital twin model by integrating internet of things(IoT) data and using human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This model provides two kinds of digital services. One is a digital service of Greenhouse Doctor that can help diagnose greenhouse staffs’ operating habits. The other is a digital service of Greenhouse Coach that can provide decision-making management suggestions to improve management policy. The
Due to the large number of individual contracted farmers on the demonstration farm and varying fertility rates of each field, it is difficult to uniformly apply the fertilization conditions.
Sharing and integrating data has been a challenge in the agricultural industry. Heterogeneous data types from various field applications has made big data analysis more difficult. Intelligent biosensing platform aims to collect and record real-time data, provide further data analysis, and share field information to achieve a comprehensive integration of data on a single platform.