2020 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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In the process of crop cultivation, farmers often need more experiences with several years to diagnose the reasons of crop damage accurately. To solve the plight of some young farmers or modern farmers who want to enter the agricultural industry, various intelligent chatbots about agricultural pests were created. The graphic chatbot accumulated experts’ research experiences in pest control with several years. For example, through the questions of crop feeding and damage symptom caused by crop pe
Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station (TSIPS) constructed the Intelligent Vegetable Seedling Production and Sales Management System for professional vegetable nurseries. The system could promote the management of vegetable nursery is systematized and digital. This year the system functions were expanded to provide digital services for customers of nurseries, developed an online order RWD action form and integrate with the Line@ official account. Also TSIPS developed an App version of t
Lettuce is Taiwan’s second-largest export vegetable industry, but the difference in the number of growing days of head lettuce in different seasons is nearly double. Therefore, it is not easy to estimate the appropriate planting date, area, and output to accurately supply the needs of the export market, which often leads to inaccurate production schedules, which in turn increases the resource consumption and labor costs. The data analysis of the lettuce production prediction system was establish
This system allows agribusiness and farmers assigning, recording and tracking the farming practice and remaining the practice records for production history verification. The production recording application integrated with geological information system (GIS) and internet of things (IoT) to fulfill the goal of smart recording system. The information of field observation and environmental information are provided for agribusiness as decision support in terms of graphical or numerical forms. The s
Pineapple is currently the main export fruit. The fruit size and distribution information is relevant to the rate of qualified fruits for export and market demand. Therefore, to build in a classification information subsystem of the orchard production system is very essential. The current problems of the mechanical pineapple weight grader are lacking of accumulated classification information, and traceable information. With built-in weight classification data management, consolidating equipment
The majority of the domestic plant tissue culture industry are small and medium-sized and family owned. However, the company's low degree of informatization management affects production management efficiency and experience inheritance, and restricts industrial upgrading and development. Plant tissue culture production management information system has the functions of automated production scheduling, barcode warehousing and shipment management, digital production records and real-time cloud in
To allow aquaculture operators to effectively access core knowledge about aquaculture, the intelligent expert knowledge base for aquaculture explores, collects, and summarizes the massive amount of aquaculture expert knowledge of our institute and the practical experiences of aquaculture experts, and then, transfers such knowledge and experience into digital knowledge centered on a knowledge map. In addition, the expert knowledge base leverages intelligent robot technology and integrates natural
The modular climate units use API to collect microclimates in different fields and integrate with cultivation management data to build a data management system that meets the needs of growers, provides a graphical interface and is convenient for access and interpretation to provide alliance member for sharing information, cultivation management and production traceability.
To help Taiwanese agricultural enterprises have relevant data for decision-making at the global marketing stage, this project uses advanced technology to establish a website for collecting information of international BI in agricultural industries. Through counseling, this project assists agricultural enterprises to use BI.Agribiz, and assists agricultural enterprises or association to establish their own business information database, so that managers can obtain information in real time to gra