2020 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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Use smart GPS (iTEC+IVT) tractor with towed double row discs, automatic stone picker and laser leveling bulldozers, etc., to diversify applications in the edamame export professional fields. These machines can upgrade mechanized production to precise and intelligent production on the edamame farm, reduce production costs by 30%, increase operating efficiency by more than 5-10 times, and greatly improve the quality of farmland soil environment. 2. The edamame harvester is equipped with a GPS i
The ROS autonomous inspection platform is used to sense and collect the growth data of the mushroom cultivation process to build the modeling applications of growth prediction system in the future. The platform is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS) to build a autonomous inspection platform, with high-reliability sensing technology to perform sensing, collect and upload the growth data during the mushroom cultivation process to the database; Through the
The mushroom cultivation automated transportation system is developed by utilized the principle of the automated storage and retrieval system for logistics input and output of the warehouse. When the basket which loading the mushroom incubation (sawdust) bags is transported by the conveyor to the entrance gate of the cultivation facility of this system, the sensor detect the arrival of basket and then switch on the inner conveyor to carry them into a feed-in/take-out platform, furthermore, the r
This system used the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to detect the RFID tags on egg package containers and recorded the product information, such as product type, packaging time, and its corresponding setting weight. An automated weighing module checked on the loading weight and sent the command to the palletizing robot to move the package containers. This robot with dual-functional gripper jaw, for cardboard cases or plastic crates, palletized the containers on corresponding pa
The image capture and real-time transmission device for shallow waters utilizes surface long-distance wireless transmission technology, and integrates surface UAV positioning and automatic cruise technologies. The lifting and falling underwater image capture and transmission device can record images and water depth data at different water layers and the bottom. This device supports both wired and wireless control, can transmit real-time images to a ground work station, and its navigation map is
In current practice, people determine whether or not pathogens exist in water by observing the color of the aquatic pathogen detection reagent through visual inspection; however, such a method is still unavailable for the quantification of pathogens. Moreover, a reagent reaction usually takes 24 to 48 hours to obtain a result. This technology, as proposed in this study, involves a portable multi-light aquatic pathogens detection device, which is designed and developed based on optical detection
After the saury catch is sucked on the vessel by the fish suction machine, it enters the sorting machine through the fish-water separator. The sorting machine is equipped with several rollers parallel to the sliding direction of the saury, so that the saury can slide on the inclined platform composed of several rollers. The saury is sorted and classified from small to large by the variable spacing between the rollers. The sorted fish are guided to the arranging machine, which uses image recognit
The developed poultry monitoring system integrates infrared thermal imager, visible camera, temperature and humidity sensor, anemometer, carbon dioxide sensor and ammonia sensor with Raspberry Pi. This monitoring system could not only collect poultry physiological and environmental information but also calculate poultry activity by the poultry activity algorithm for assessing the poultry health. In addition, the collected information could be uploaded to the cloud database real time by WIFI. The
Marine ornamental fish with beautiful shapes and gorgeous colors are extremely popular in the aquarium market and play a vital role in the ecosystem. The behavior image recognition system, as developed in this study, identifies the breeding fish of the blackfinned clownfish and provides an innovative way to use image processing and recognition technologies to facilitate obtaining accurate and reliable tracking data in a controllable experimental environment. Marine ornamental fish usually show t